Maine Medical – Our Way of Saying Thank You!

The folks at Maine Med’s Valve Replacement Team, all 50 or so, are amazing. Thank you all!

In January 2018 I had open heart surgery. As they say up here, they cracked me open like a lobstah. It was heavy duty stuff: arteries and valve issues. The thing was, before during and after, the team of doctors, nurses, staff, admin and everyone else involved in Cardio Valve Replacement and post-op care was amazing. I was totally knocked out by the level of professionalism and damn hard work. 24/7.

In my pain and recovery laying there, I chatted up the people as they came, went, rotated, examined, pulsed, took blood, took measurements, fed, walked and cared. Turns out a whole bunch of folks loved kayaking. On coming home and going through recovery I wanted to say thank you. So many of us are quick to criticize and judge. Not so many I think simply say thanks. So, I called the heart surgeon and asked if I could treat the heart valve replacement team to a kayak tour, complete with kayaks, gear, guides and so forth all from Peaks Island.

The response was super positive. The team then asked me if they could, after the tour was over, do their own lobster cookout to finish the day. Seemed perfect, so I went on the permission hunt. Permission granted (the beach is private.) I reached out to Joe Dupont, Maine Island Kayak Outfitters, on Peaks for his help to organize and conduct the tour, supply boats, etc. He was amazingly enthusiastic and signed on. Individuals who I will name in a subsequent post-event piece, have signed on to Guide, help, get docs done, clean boats, store products, etc. all just to say:

“Thank You for your Day in Day Out Life Saving Work!”

The folks at Maine Med’s Valve Replacement Team, all 50 or so, are amazing. Thank you all! The weather gods predict a nice Saturday. We start at Ipm on Peaks. I wish everyone a great time. Photos and a recap after the event to follow.

Harley Lewin
Nanuq Kayaks
Portland, Maine

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