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NDK Echo

New Nigel Dennis Kayaks at Nanuq

NDK Echo Carbon Kevlar

Price $5,485

The brand new Echo from Nigel Dennis Kayaks in a full carbon kevlar layup and gorgeous colors. The super lightweight layup makes this boat a dream to paddle: easy to maneuver and quick to get up to a brisk cruising speed.

  • LOA: 16'7"'; Width: 19.6"
  • Year: 2018
  • Layup: Full carbon kevlar
  • Colors: Turquoise Blue/May Green/Black seam and rim
  • Front Bulkhead: Custom 33"
  • Footrests: New style pegs, not yet installed
  • Keel Strip: None
  • Skeg: Kari slider with new composite box
  • Extras: Custom front bulkhead; Clear foredeck dragon

Recommended paddler weight: 90-150 lbs.

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Rebel Ilaga

Sale on Rebel Kayaks!

Now through May 20th ~

In cooperation with Kayak Ways and Rebel Kayaks, we are offering $100 off existing inventory of Rebel Kayaks and advance custom orders! After May 20th, the Euro/USD exchange rate has unfortunately necessitated a small price increase.

Stop by Nanuq Kayaking today to see the Rebel Kayak models we have in stock.

Rebel on display
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NDK Explorer

Why NDKs Work for Me

Nigel Dennis Kayak cockpit

So much foam seat replacement easy to remedy. Before I suggest a fix, let me offer a bit of perspective based on having helped put thousands of bodies in our MIKCo sea kayak fleet (that for years totaled 200 boats), predominantly British Greenland style, since 1986.

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NDK Echo

New NDK Echo

The New NDK Echo

Smaller Paddlers' Delight

The Echo is NDK’s new expedition and play kayak for small paddlers, designed to handle well in surf and rough water as we journey along our coasts. It offers a lower deck and tighter fit than the Pilgrim or Pilgrim Expedition, and features NDK's smaller cockpit for those paddlers 90 – 150 lbs.

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Rebel Naja front side

Rebel Naja is Here

Rebel Naja

The idea has grown from the notion that most kayaks are designed by men, for men, and - oh, by the way - women, you can use it too! This often results in women rattling around in too much space in a kayak that feels heavy and sluggish.

But the tables are turned with the new Naja. The Naja is a greenlandic-inspired composite kayak, with close lineage to the Ilaga but with an audacious spirit all its own.

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