Kayak Consignment

Nanuq Kayaking is now accepting used sea kayaks on consignment.

Here's how:

Boat needs cleaning or repair?

We can do it. Ask us for a quote.

Boats on the Beach


All used boats are in extremely good shape; everything works; fully road tested. They will have varying amounts of cosmetic damage. They are all seaworthy, high performance although they will vary somewhat in performance and function.

       If a buyer wants to make an offer close to the asking price but lower we can only accept with the permission of the owner.  If a buyer offers the same or higher, its a buy it now and we can close on it. The pricing on the boats is set by the owner.  It will, however, be fair and reasonable or we won’t take it in.

        Each boat will be unique and fully curated before taken in by us.

        Boats are sold “as is.”  No returns, no warranty or guaranty of any kind.  Buyer is invited to inspect and if we can arrange, demo.

        If a buyer wants changes, we can accommodate but pricing will be agreed in advance boat by boat.

       Boats will be delivered at our shop; Buyer to pick up or make other arrangements unless otherwise agreed.  We can deliver within 50 miles for an extra cost. Beyond that, we can ship at Buyer’s cost.

        No international sales or shipping.


We are privileged to offer for sale a gently used Baidarka, made by Matt Graulich in Washington (State); designed by Corey Freedman of Spirit Lines.  17’4ish” long, used only a few times due to injury.  Hung covered in controlled environment so condition is virtually new.  Made of ballistic nylon; strongest material for use in a boat like this.  Covered translucent two-part polyurethanes (urethanes). Although expensive and hard to find, they are light and very tough. They’re as thick as honey so they’re smoothed on with a plastic squeegee (cures when the parts are combined similar to an epoxy) that penetrates as well as coats the nylon and creates a water proof sealing finish that also retains enough flexibility to allow the frame to flex slightly with wave movement.  No tint or color added.  Light and fast.  Made for multi-day trips from Washington (Northwest Pacific) to Alaska so has volume. Offered with spray skirt and dry bags that are stuffable.  Cockpit about 23”L x 18”w.  Built for a mid-sized adult or perhaps a  bit larger. This is one dynamite West Coast Alute-Style Baidarka.  $2300 obo.

Azul Aspen

*** SOLD ***

Barely used, always kept off the ground in a garage.  Everything is original.  Swedeform; built for speed and the Ocean.  I took its brother the Azul Riot on a huge trip and it was flawless.  Pedal controlled rudder; solid foot pedals; fast, stable, ocean kayak with GIANT hatches and hatch covers; you could easily slip tent poles in without bending; meant to cover ground; stable in all conditions; a very reliable fast cruising machine;  Boat is only several years old.  Length 17’6″ Weight 51 lbs (super light and well balanced for a boat this length). Some extras.  Asking price: $1350 (comparable model on the internet is $1600 with roof rack and saddles which we are not offering.)

Yellow/Necky Looksha lll

This boat is designed and built for speed.  If you want to go fast in a surprisingly stable boat, e.g. workout perfection, this is a boat to consider.  The rudder is enormous and somewhat old fashioned but works.  There is an internal multi-rod foot brace running across the boat to rest and push your feet on.  The rudder is controlled by a slider going left and right located on the footrest between the feet.  Prior paddler competitively raced this boat for several years.  The boat is 19’6″  long, 20″wide and rudder dependent for racing. Will turn this long kayak on a dime.  PRs routinely set. Build quality is excellent.  Full KEVLAR/CARBON boat.  Super light, strong and fast.  Hard to find these days.  Takes 2-3 outings to get used to but once adjusted a paddler will go faster than he/she is ever likely to go in a kayak.  Reviews are 4 of 5 stars.   After that, it sat in a garage until we discovered it.  We’ve cleaned it, made sure everything works great and are able to offer this at $1000.  Amazing!!  See it on m.youtube.com/watch?v=58g-mivpiuA (rudder on ours is different, developed for racing.)

Yellow/white/Red P&H Iona

*** SOLD ***

This is a sea kayak for the smaller paddler.  It is Derek Hutchinson original design like almost a smaller Romany.  Fiberglass constructions, skeg, good condition.  Paddler should be I think about 5’8″ more or less.  Turns easily as expected but handles rough weather well.  Not the fastest boat in the fleet but solid, steady and for a smaller boat pretty darn versatile. Rolls well. Medium chines.   Nice flat midsection on the hull.  Typical DH design.  Terrific build quality.  Similar to a Capella but shorter.  Fiberglass.  Stability is what is expected in a shorter boat.  Runs around 15′.  Will carry plenty of gear if you are so inclined.  $800.

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