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Fiji Update


I am on the big island of Viti Levu again, after a few weeks down in Kadavu.

I paddled about 100 miles, interesting and difficult miles to be sure, completing a circumnavigation of the island. I felt a sharp learning curve with south Pacific winds, waves, and village life. Atop that, staying healthy in the tropical environment while paddling: another challenge. It took me nearly three weeks to get from New York to Kadavu, paddle around Kadavu, and then get back to the big island, although I only paddled for 6 days, one being a warm up. The circumnavigation itself, 8 days. I paddled 20 miles, and then spent three nights on an island called Galoa (pronounced Naloa; g's are n's here), there's an interesting story there.

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Rebel Naja front side

Rebel Naja is Here

Rebel Naja

The idea has grown from the notion that most kayaks are designed by men, for men, and - oh, by the way - women, you can use it too! This often results in women rattling around in too much space in a kayak that feels heavy and sluggish.

But the tables are turned with the new Naja. The Naja is a greenlandic-inspired composite kayak, with close lineage to the Ilaga but with an audacious spirit all its own.

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