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Big News, New Boats, Boat Launch, and Demo Days

We are expecting at least four new boats possibly five.  They are all Rockpool boats.  They’ve landed but we are waiting for them to clear customs.  Hopefully we’ll have up here in the Shop within the next two weeks.  The models ordered are the Taran at 18′, the Taran 16 at 16′ and the Tarantella a low volume version of the Taran 16.  I also ordered one more Alaw Bach because I’ve only one left in inventory.
The Isel, shown on the website was sold.  However I believe I will have a replacement, a new Isel, in the Shop at the same time as the new boats arrive from Wales.  Waiting on details from shipping documents but will have at least one in stock to sell.  Rockpool boats have been extremely well received.  
My intention is to have a demo day as soon as the new boats arrive in the Shop.  The demo will be on a Saturday with a possible Sunday carry over.  Most likely at Willard Beach in the morning, starting early.  Date is tba and somewhat dependent on the water heating up.  We will have the Rockpool GT, Alaw Bach and Isel as well as the Taran, Taran 16 and Tarantella for demo.  Wild colors which I am not revealing until the boats are in the Shop.  I would expect the demo day to be the end of this month of May or early June.
We will be selling from stock and taking orders for future delivery.  Boats can be ordered in any color or colors on the RAL scale.  To avoid asking customers to use their imagination, I ordered the new boats in all kinds of colors and get up, including fades, glitter and starfish graphics.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  Boats can also be ordered in 3 piece take apart versions for packing and shipping.  There is a You Tube video under “Rockpool Kayaks” that shows the 3 piece surfing!
We will also be demoing the Rebel Ilaga, the Naja and the Toc, which is an enlarged version of the Ilaga but with an ocean cockpit.  These are amazing slender craft that are as strong and well built as any.  
Finally, we have in stock one hand built Skin on Frame, built by Turner Wilson, in on consignment.  The owner hurt his back badly and cannot use the boat.  It is new, not “like new” but in fact new and unused.  Priced at $2000 its a wonderful buy.
We continue to take consignments. The boats go in and out rather rapidly.  Gone are one of the two Explorers and the yellow Romany.  We have one Explorer left.  I expect to get in a like new P&H, photos to come shortly.  We are looking at others.  I suggest folks interested in quality used boats check the site and social media on us regularly.
We have received in new inventory of the high end products we sell, with some expansion.  Our focus continues with REED.  I hate neoprene and REED uses a proprietary fabric called Aquatherm, which is 20x more abrasion resistant that neoprene, lighter, thinner, more flexible and breathes.  We use it in Tuiliqs, spray decks (British for spray skirt) both fixed and adjustable tubes; paddle jackets, paddle shirts and liners.  We have expanded our Kokotat line.  We now have extremely lightweight jackets used for paddling or otherwise, SPF 50 shirts, long and short sleeve, new PFDs some of which are exclusively for women; waterproof paddle pants and other similar gear.  Finally, we have additional Greenland Paddles from Canada handmade by Joe O’Paddles for us. 
Almost all our products can also be ordered to fit a particular individual.  This is especially true with the dry suits from Reed, the Tuiliqs, spray skirts (which can be made to custom fit almost any kayak) and extra long and extra short Greenland paddles.  We can usually get Reed made bespoke and delivered here in the Shop two weeks from final order.  Pretty much the same with paddles.  
We do carry assorted somewhat hard to find items; reflective hoods, beanies, fleece beanies, pogies (both short and long gauntlet style to the elbow), repair tapes and the like for last minute needs.
Finally, we continue our business of repairs and restoration of kayaks. Although we usually do it over the winter we have developed something of a reputation of getting it done with a pretty good color match and nice finish so folks continue to come to us.  Feel free to call and tell us about your boat.  If we can help, we sure will try.
The big surprise is I’ve worked out something with the Wharf managers that will let me install a special kayak launch system off the wharf.  It will take only one boat at a time purposely and provide a safe contained way to launch a demo boat when the need arises.  I expect to take delivery and have installation made over the next 30 days or so.  More to come on this.
More to come.  Be well all. 
– Harley