Sunday, June 9: Demo Days at Willard Beach

We are going to do a demo day from 10am to 1pm at Willard Beach. 

I will have several each of Rockpool boats, a Taran 18, Taran 16 and Alaw Bach and two Rebel boats, an Ilaga and a Greenland Toc.  We will have PFDs available and Greenland paddles.  If someone wants to use a Euro paddle (what most consider a “normal” paddle) they will have to bring their own.  We would ask that each person keep their demo time to a half hour or less if its crowded.  If not, up to an hour.  If someone is desperate to try one but can’t get there during the time allotted, I can try to get a specific boat out earlier but can’t promise.  We will be located off Myrtle entrance to the beach.  If you park at the public parking for the beach, walk on to the beach and turn left as you face the water.  You should be able to see us after walking just a bit; most likely a bunch of kayaks on the beach.  My self and Joe G. who is a superb teacher , guide and all around kayaker will be there.  Perhaps another.  No spray skirts will be used on the demo boats.  Please dress for the water temperature. 

These are THE cutting edge kayaks out there. We are one of three dealers in America with these boats and will be selling and taking orders.  If someone wants to order, they can customize with just about any RAL color chart color or colors, with Starfish, glitter, fade treatment and the like. 

We will be there rain or shine unless its just horrible.  If you’re not sure, call the Shop and we’ll leave a recording 207-8056884.

– Harley