The Portland Schoonerfest & Regatta 2019

Experience the Thrill of Tall Ship Racing! Support Education at Sea for Maine Teens!

The Portland Schoonerfest will be held on June 21-24 2019 including Tall Ship Racing in the bay.  It starts with a Welcoming Parade under Sail from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  Races are held every day with the Casco Bay Gaffers Race from Portland to Bailey Island from 5pm to 8pm on Monday the 24.

The Tall Ships will be tied up all over Portland however a number of them will be at our wharf, the Maine Wharf.  There is a ticket to purchase for attendance and/or one or more of the two or three hour sails (yes you go on the tall ships.)  For that go to  We at Nanuq Kayaks have been involved for the last several years and applaud the effort big time. 

If someone wants more info they ought contact Erin

It is a hugely festive time on the wharf and I encourage everyone to come down, visit, sail, gawk and have fun.