New Rockpool Kayaks Have Arrived for 2020!

Over the last few months, the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic have been at least temporarily countered by the joy of unwrapping this season’s new shipment of Rockpool kayaks. We have some beauties in unique and eye-catching colorways that really highlight what makes these boats special.  The rundown:

Rockpool Bach Eto – The Bach Eto is Rockpool’s most in-demand new creation. It’s the natural progression of the discontinued Alaw Bach, a longtime favorite. It maintains a refreshing combination of stability, speed, and responsive handling but is a bit roomier and with a much-requested front day hatch. Rocker has been increased in the back end to improve maneuverability without affecting speed. Volume in the nose and tail above the waterline has been increased to smooth the ride in the surf. We’ve got two in the Shop: classic white over white and Rockpool’s signature gold glitter.

Length: 16 feet 10.5 inches (5.15m) | Width: 21.5 inches (0.55m) | Volume: 335 litres | Price: $4,600

Rockpool Taran 16 – The Taran has nothing short of revolutionized sea kayaking. Its unconventional design makes it fast and sleek, but with friendly handling characteristics that will please anyone. It can fill many roles: day boat, distance cruiser, weekend tourer, fitness trainer, or expedition boat. It even has a reputation for setting records and winning races. The cockpit and deck layout on the 16 ft model is the same as the full-size Taran, but the overall length has been reduced. This provides even more maneuverability and a smooth ride over large, steep seas. The two we have in stock are colorful teal over black and sleek white with a red “vee.” 

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 369 litres | Price: $4,600

Rockpool Tarantella – The Tarantella is a low volume version of the Taran’s record-breaking design, created specifically for smaller, lighter paddlers. It features the same distinctive bow, long waterline, high front deck, and flat hull as the Taran, making it a fast, dry kayak to paddle both up-and down-wind. We have one in stock – a stunning black to orange fade.

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 312 litres | Price: $4,600

Rockpool Menai 18 – The Menai can tick off miles while carrying a serious load of expedition kit. Though it’s a large boat, the flat center section of the hull allows for good maneuverability in the rough stuff. The cockpit is large and roomy, which ensures comfort on long trips, with a small day hatch on the front deck so you can access all those little essentials. This is the boat you want to paddle the Maine Island Trail in. Ours is eye-catching orange with a white “vee.”

Length: 18 feet 3 inches (5.56m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 382 litres | Price: $4,600

These boats look great anywhere, but to truly understand how special Rockpool designs are, you should paddle them for yourself. To set up a demo session, call (207) 805-6884 or email We have special protocols in place for social distancing to keep everyone safe and healthy. To see all the boats we have available on-site and to order, including used boats and our Rebel fleet, click here.

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