New Rockpool Boats Ordered for Spring 2021

New Rockpool Boats, Ordering, Pricing and Timing

We have 14 new Rockpool boats coming. 4 of them are pre-sold. Because each Rockpool boat is built by hand there is no hurry up and build more. We have suffered delays due to the Covid virus which has now hopefully been somewhat less impactful. Nevertheless, the supply of Rockpool boats in the United States will be even more limited than usual. Anticipating this, we are now taking orders for a summer build period which would result in the boats arriving in the United States Fall/Winter 2022. The faster we fill our order spaces which the factory holds for us, the sooner the boats get built and shipped. We expect the inventory arriving shortly to be sold rather quickly and encourage all of you who may miss out on this delivery to get us your order for a new boat as soon as possible. Final pricing on all boats, including those expected to arrive shortly may vary somewhat from the prices shown on this website. Shipping costs have skyrocketed as have costs of materials to build the boats. While we are absorbing much of the increased build costs, there is likely to be a surcharge for shipping to be added to each boat. If you order a custom built boat going forward, and pay the deposit requested, no less than 50%, whatever price we give you will be THE price. The only additional cost would be a possible shipping surcharge imposed by the freight company. We are hopeful to avoid significant delays by getting our next order in fast so if you want a specific boat, specific colors, graphics treatments or sizing, move fast to reserve your spot.

We have Demos available for use for 1-2 hours of all the boats we sell. The Demos are NOT for sale at this time. This may change by the end of the Season so ask then if you are interested.

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