Explore The Maine Island Trail 

The Maine Island Trail is a 375-mile water trail that connects over 250 sites along the entire length of the Maine coast. Created for recreational use and mostly accessible by boat, the Trail offers public access to some of the most remarkable natural places in Maine. The Trail is made possible by generous landowners who allow access to their properties trusting that users will be responsible recreators, and dedicated volunteers that help MITA conduct critical stewardship work on the Trail. 

Unlike a hiking trail, there is no prescribed route along the Maine Island Trail. Most users choose to explore it gradually over time, and many choose to stay local and enjoy a favorite site or two near home. Of course, there are adventure seekers who set out to paddle, sail, motor, or row the entire length of the Trail in one trip. How you choose to engage with the Maine Island Trail is entirely up to you!

The Maine Island Trail Association is a membership organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the wild islands of coastal Maine.

MITA is strongly supported by Nanuq Kayaks. If you are a member and mention it when in our Shop, you will receive a discount on all items except new boats. Enjoy it and everything MITA has to offer.

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