All gear at Nanuq is put through the most rigorous testing: ours.

We use what we sell and stand by our products. We think the gear we carry is the best available anywhere.

Greenland Paddles – One- and Two-Piece

Custom built Greenland paddles are as functional as they are beautiful. Joe O’ paddles are meticulously crafted of striking woods, and are available in 1-piece and 2-piece designs. Our selection is always changing, as these paddles are handmade and one-of-a-kind. The two-piece paddles have a carbon fiber ferrule but are otherwise identical to the one-piece. 

All our wooden paddles are built by Joe O’Blenis, a master paddlemaker in Canada, and made to order. Joe has built over 1000 paddles and has over 40 years paddling experience, including setting the speed record for circumnavigating Vancouver by sea kayak.

Pricing: $275 for one-piece, $375 for two-piece. You can buy from our inventory or we can order made-to-measure.

Euro-Blade Paddles

We source a variety of Euro-blade paddles depending on the needs of our customers.  Everything from a sea touring narrow blade to a high grab full blade to a wing-shaped blade for speed can be ordered specifically priced and sized for the individual.  Because of the wide variety we offer we do not keep inventory on hand.  This may change.  

Reed Chillcheater

Comfort in Demanding Environments

Come check out Nanuq's selection of Reed apparel:

We do not carry neoprene for environmental reasons. Reed products are made of a proprietary product called Aquatherm, which is thinner, waterproof, rainproof, breathable, extremely flexible, and far more abrasion resistant than neoprene.

  • Drysuits
  • Dry tops (Cags)
  • Beenies
  • Hoods
  • Spray skirts
  • Tuiliqs: both single cockpit and convertible sizes
  • Pogies: short and long, two colors
  • Spot disks, for fixes on the go


Nanuq is an authorized dealer for Kokatat. Located in Arcata, California, Kokatat produces the finest clothing for the worst weather. Come by the shop to try on our sample drysuits and get fitted for one of your own.



NRS, an American manufacturer of a wide range of products designed and tested under extreme river and ocean conditions, is our primary supplier for general boating products, such as paddle carabiners, tie-down straps, pumps, paddle floats, nose plugs, sponges, and more.  Variation is huge – call or stop in to see what we have in stock. 


Malone, a local Maine company with a worldwide reputation, is our supplier for kayak roof racks, carriers, wall racks, and trailers. We carry their low profile wing design with the Stinger, a device for sliding your kayak up onto your roof racks that avoids beating the hell out of the back of your car while at the same time virtually disappearing when not in use.


Maine weather can be deceiving when you’re heading out on the water. The air temperature might be warm, but the ocean temperatures here in Casco Bay take much longer to moderate, remaining cold into June. When you’re wet, you lose heat 25 times faster than when you’re dry.

Average water temperatures here in Portland, Maine are:

January 34ºF

April 1-15 39ºF; April 16-30 41ºF

July 61ºF

October 52ºF

February 33ºF

May 1-15 47ºF; May 16-31 51ºF

August 62ºF

November 47ºF

March 37ºF

June 56ºF

September 59ºF

December 39ºF