All Rockpool kayaks are custom built.  You may select from our current inventory or order for delivery. If you order, you may customize with any RAL color or colors of your choice (except pearl or luminescent colors, which are not available). You may add starfish or other graphics and color fades. The location of the front bulkhead may be customized. Many of these options are at NO UPCHARGE, but some may add extra cost. Talk to us! All Rockpool boats are available in take-apart three-piece versions for an additional charge of $1,200.  Think one won’t fit in your SUV? Think again.

NOTE: Prices below are for 2020 models only. A limited number of boats currently in the shop purchased for 2019 will carry 2019 prices – check with us for details.

Cobalt Blue Naja

Shorter, narrower, shallower than big sibling Ilaga… Smart, quick, responsive, that asks for paddlers that are simply looking for a kayak that fits them, in a world where most kayaks are designed for humans that are on the other side of the bell curve. Now smaller paddlers have a real and different choice from the run of the mill. Rebel has brought its skill in design and production to offer this remarkable development.

Length: 16 feet 8 inch (5.08m) | Width: 16.53 inches (0.42m)

Price:  $4,000


The design ethos behind the MENAI was to develop a kayak to carry large amounts of expedition kit over long distances at a good speed and in considerable comfort. No simple matter! The long waterline combines a large cargo volume with a good cruising speed. In order to counter this length and maintain good manoeuvrability, a flattened hull was placed in the centre section. This results in surprisingly good manoeuvrability for spot turns and when in the surf, it also gives very good levels of stability. The extended keel section to the rear maintains good directional stability when paddling on a heading but lifts free from the water when on a lean to aid turning. The MENAI has been designed to remain directionally neutral in most wind conditions with a slight tendency to turn up-wind as wind strength increases.

Length: 18 feet 3 inches (5.56m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 382 litres

Price:  $4,500 


The Alaw emerged from the Rockpool factory as the first of a new generation of high-performance fast and comfortable sea kayaks with raised knee position. It is a refined mid-volume sea kayak that combines speed, maneuverability, and stability. This is a boat that happily fills the touring role but LOVES playing around in surf and tide races.

Length: 17 feet 1 inch (5.21m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 335 litres

Price:  $4,400 | Premier constructions: $6,000  


The Bach Eto is the natural progression of the Alaw Bach, a longtime favorite. The same refreshing combination of stability, speed, and responsive handling, but a bit roomier, and with a much requested front dayhatch. Rocker has been increased in the back end to improve maneuverability without affecting speed. Volume in the nose and tail above the waterline have been increased to smooth the ride in surf. Cockpit and seat now match the popular Taran line. 

Length: 16 feet 10.5 inches (5.15m) | Width: 21.5 inches (0.55m) | Volume: 335 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,200  


The Isel is designed to fit the smaller paddler, with a snug cockpit, excellent handling, and enough speed to keep up with the group on the water. The Isel has an updated deck layout and, though the deck has been lowered to give a better cockpit fit, still has a useful load-carrying capacity. The hull has been updated to improve handling even further.

Length: 16 feet 10 inches (5.13m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 276 litres

Price:  $4,400 | Premier constructions: $6,000 

The MENAI 18

The Menai 18 hull is formulated to tick off miles while carrying a serious load of expedition kit. Though it’s a large boat, the flat center section of the hull allows for good maneuverability on the spot or in the surf. The cockpit is large and roomy to ensure comfort on long trips, with a small day hatch on the front deck to make it easy to access all those little essentials.

Length: 18 feet 3 inches (5.56m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 382 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,200  

The GT

The GT is a high volume sea kayak that is fast and especially easy to maneuver. Combine this with predictable and precise stability and you’ve got a boat that handles like a dream! The hull can carry a significant expedition load but is designed to be as maneuverable and nimble as a smaller kayak. The cockpit is roomy for comfort on long trips, and the front day hatch makes it easy to access to all those little on-water essentials. The GT is a ‘one-boat quiver’ – equally at home for expedition paddling, weekend touring, or day trip paddling!

Length: 17 feet 10 inches | Width: 21 inches | Volume: 380 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,200  

The TARAN 18

The Taran brings a radical new look to the Rockpool fleet. It is fast and sleek but with friendly handling characteristics that will please anyone. It is designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler, and has an unconventional design that will provide the high performance modern paddlers are looking for. The Taran is a sea kayak that plays myriad roles: day boat, distance cruiser, weekend tourer, fitness trainer, or expedition boat. It even has a reputation for setting records and winning races. The more we paddle it the more we find it can do!

Length: 18 feet 0 inches (549 cm) | Width: 20.5 inches (52 cm) | Volume: 383 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,250  

The TARAN 16

The Taran 16 does everything its big brother does but in a slightly shorter fashion. Cockpit and deck layout are the same as the full size Taran, but overall length has been reduced. This provides even more maneuverability and a smooth ride over large, steep seas. The 16 is a fast boat that you can throw about. Stepping away from convention once again, speed has not been reduced! The trademark downwind handling is still there too, combined with excellent surf handling. The 16 really comes to life with a nice wave to ride!

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 369 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,250  


The Tarantella has been designed to provide a true low volume version of the Taran’s record breaking design. Developed in response to popular demand, the Tarantella is designed specifically for smaller, lighter paddlers. It features the same distinctive bow, long waterline, high front deck and flat hull as the Taran, making it a fast, dry kayak to paddle both up- and down-wind.

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 312 litres

Price:  $4,600 | Premier constructions: $6,250


All Rebel boats can be ordered in custom colors, with variable bulkhead placement, with alternative seats or no seats, and no foot pegs on request. 


Designed by Johan Wirsen, the Rebel Ilaga displays beautiful, clean lines. The Ilaga is a low volume Greenland style kayak with an ocean cockpit. It features an integrated, foldable laminated backrest, for both layback rolls and to give access to storage between the backrest and rear bulkhead. It also features steel rods for roof rack security or tow line mounting. Available in three layups and four stock colors, as well as custom.

17’10” Length, 19.75” Beam

Price: Standard layup: $3,300 | Carbon/Kevlar $3,800 | Full carbon $4,200 | plus local taxes as appropriate.  


 One of the essential design objectives for Naja was to create a Greenland kayak that the designer could not get into. Naja was built with smaller-framed paddlers in mind, especially women. This composite kayak could be called the Ilaga’s “little sister.” Naja is shorter, narrower, and shallower than Ilaga, and has an audacious spirit all its own. It’s quick and responsive, and rolls like it never wants to stop. Available in three layups and four stock colors, as well as custom.

16’8″ Length; 18.5″ Beam

Price: Standard layup; $3,100 | Other layup prices on request | plus local taxes as appropriate.  


Designed with extra volume and bigger cockpit, but maintains the same 17’10” length as the Ilaga. The Greenland T has a keyhole cockpit, while the Greenland TOC sports a traditional ocean cockpit (a smaller opening). Both models have four hatches, including a 6″ day-hatch. The Greenland T and TOC feature classic lines and hard-chined hulls. The front deck is low enough for paddler contact to aid maneuverability and forward rolls, while the rear deck makes for easy layback rolls. There is an extra cord on the rear deck to store a storm or spare paddle. Both boats have laminated backrests that connect the seat with the top of the back cockpit rim. The backrest can be folded to access extra storage. Steel security rods are placed behind the rim for locking the kayak to your roof rack or for a towing system. Available in three layups and four stock colors, as well as custom.

17’10” Length, 21.25″ Beam

Price: Standard layup; $3,150 | Other layup prices on request | plus local taxes as appropriate.  


A moderate rocker and more symmetrical hull shape make the Husky a playful kayak. With a hard chine and flat V-shaped bottom, and fine ends towards bow and stern, it’s made to maneuver. It has a low profile and is very easy to roll. It features stainless steel rods for a towing system or for roof rack security plus has multiple decklines for all of your gear. Available in three layups and four stock colors, as well as custom.

17′ Length, 21″ Beam

Price: Standard layup; $3,300 | Other layup prices on request | plus local taxes as appropriate.  


We have a constantly rotating selection of used kayaks in excellent condition. Check back often!
If you have a boat you would like to sell on consignment, please contact us at 207-805-6884.


Brand new! Owner hurt back and cannot paddle. A classic skin boat – not a bit of iron in it. Comes with float bags and will fit average sized individual (5’6″ or more). Harley has paddled one of Turner’s boats for four years. If you are looking for a perfect day boat, a rolling machine, and pure fun on the water you need to take this boat out and never return.

Price: $2,000


This boat has been available for demo at Portland Paddle all summer. Now we’re selling it for $3,750 (regular price $4,460), with another 10% off for Portland Paddle instructors, Registered Maine Guides, and members of the Southern Maine Sea Kayaking Network. It’s in great shape, with some sweet glitter on the top deck. This is the boat that Rockpool was built on, and it’s just recently been replaced by the Bach Eto, so this could be your last chance to own a legend.

Price: $3,750