Are you ready for adventure?

We're here to help you get out on the water.

Rebel and Nigel Dennis Kayaks

We carry the finest Greenland-style composite kayaks available anywhere. Nanuq also offers a Consignment Kayak program.

On-Water Demos

Whether your paddling finds you exploring hidden bays, testing your skills in the surf zone, or practicing Greenland rolling, we can help you select the right boat for your paddling style.

Greenland blades

Paddles and Accessories

Nanuq stocks Joe O handmade Greenland paddles, Reed Chillcheater products from Devon, England, and is an authorized Kokatat dealer.

Guided Tours and Lessons

Paddle around the islands of Casco Bay or learn traditional Greenland paddling strokes and rolling with a Greenland paddle.

Nanuq, the Dancing Bear

To the Inuit, Nanuq was the boss polar bear. To the Shamans, the Dancing Bear was the transition between the human beings on earth and the spirit of these who have gone on or are far away. Our adoption of Nanuq and the Dancing Bear represents our homage to Inuit culture and the Greenland style boats, paddles, and gear they created.

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