Current inventory levels and prices of the kayak models are indicated . Colors and graphics may vary from those shown.  Please call us for current color schemes.

We can and do order custom made kayaks with selected colors and graphics. Delivery time is about one year from taking the order. A 50% deposit is due when the order is placed. The balance will be due on or before pickup at the Shop. We can arrange shipping if necessary. As boats are sold from inventory we'll place a "SOLD" banner on the tile but leave it up so you can get an idea about colors. The boats now in inventory are all available for a demo. We charge a $100.00, Non-Refundable Fee, for a demo. If you buy the boat, the $100.00 will be applied to the purchase price.


All Rockpool kayaks are custom built. You may select from our current inventory or order for delivery. If you order, you may customize with any RAL color or colors of your choice (except pearl or luminescent colors, which are not available). You may add starfish or other graphics and color fade. The location of the front bulkhead may be customized. Many of these options are at NO UPCHARGE, but some may add extra cost. Talk to us! In addition to the information on each boat below, for more reviews of the Rockpool Taran click HERE.

How they are built:

The Standard Construction is the traditional hand-laid chopped straw and woven glass-fiber with polyester resin.  Time-proven!

The Premier Construction is made with Kevlar and carbon fiber with vacuum-infused epoxy resin.  This results in an improved strength to weight ratio laminate which is about 11 lbs lighter than fiberglass, but equally strong!

NOTE: Prices shown below are for Standard and Premier construction. We stock the Standard Construction Kayaks. The Premier kayaks can be ordered and offer some customization options.  Give us a call for details!  


Nanuq Kayaks

The TARAN 16

The Taran 16 does everything its big brother does but in a slightly shorter fashion. The cockpit and deck layout are the same as the full-size Taran, but the overall length has been reduced. This provides even more maneuverability and a smooth ride over large, steep seas. The 16 is a fast boat that you can throw about. Stepping away from convention once again, speed has not been reduced! The trademark downwind handling is still there, too, combined with excellent surf handling. The 16 really comes to life with a nice wave to ride!

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 369 litres

Price: $5,230   In-stock: 3

Premier Construction: $6,855

The TARAN 18

The Taran brings a radical new look to the Rockpool fleet. It is fast and sleek but with friendly handling characteristics that will please anyone. It is designed for the intermediate to the advanced paddler and has an unconventional design that will provide the modern high-performance paddlers are looking for. The Taran is a sea kayak that plays myriad roles: day boat, distance cruiser, weekend tourer, fitness trainer, or expedition boat. It even has a reputation for setting records and winning races. The more we paddle it, the more we find it can do!

Length: 18 feet 0 inches (549 cm) | Width: 20.5 inches (52 cm) | Volume: 383 litres

Price: $5,230   In-stock: 0

Premier Construction: $6,855


Most Popular

The Bach Eto is the natural progression of the Alaw Bach, a longtime favorite. The same refreshing combination of stability, speed, and responsive handling, but a bit roomier and with a much-requested front day hatch. Rocker has been increased in the back end to improve maneuverability without affecting speed. Volume in the nose and tail above the waterline has been increased to smooth the ride in the surf. Cockpit and seat now match the popular Taran line.

Length: 16 feet 10.5 inches (5.15m) | Width: 21.5 inches (0.55m) | Volume: 335 litres

Price: $5,185   In-stock 6

Premier Construction: $6,640


The Alaw emerged from the Rockpool factory as the first of a new generation of high-performance, fast, and comfortable sea kayaks with raised knee position. It is a refined mid-volume sea kayak that combines speed, maneuverability, and stability. This is a boat that happily fills the touring role but LOVES playing around in surf and tide races.

Length: 17 feet 1 inch (5.21m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 335 litres

Price: As this has largely been replaced by the ETO we are offer the Alaw only on request and then subject to manufacturer's existing build capacity. Price determined as if and when.


The Isel is designed to fit the smaller paddler, with a snug cockpit, excellent handling, and enough speed to keep up with the group on the water. The Isel has an updated deck layout and, though the deck has been lowered to give a better cockpit fit, still has a useful load-carrying capacity. The hull has been updated to improve handling even further.

Length: 16 feet 10 inches (5.13m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 276 litres

Price: $5,075   In-stock: 1

Premier Construction: $6,580


The design ethos behind the MENAI was to develop a kayak to carry large amounts of expedition kit over long distances at a good speed and in considerable comfort. No simple matter! The long waterline combines a large cargo volume with a good cruising speed. In order to counter this length and maintain good maneuverability, a flattened hull was placed in the center section. This results in surprisingly good maneuverability for spot turns, and when in the surf, it also gives very good levels of stability. The extended keel section to the rear maintains good directional stability when paddling on a heading but lifts free from the water when on a lean, to aid turning. The MENAI has been designed to remain directionally neutral in most wind conditions with a slight tendency to turn up-wind as wind strength increases.

Length: 18 feet 3 inches (5.56m) | Width: 21 inches (0.53m) | Volume: 382 litres

Price: $5,185   In-stock: 2

Premier Construction: $6,640


The Tarantella has been designed to provide a true low volume version of the Taran’s record-breaking design. Developed in response to popular demand, the Tarantella is designed specifically for smaller, lighter paddlers. It features the same distinctive bow, long waterline, high front deck, and flat hull as the Taran, making it a fast, dry kayak to paddle both up-and down-wind.

Length: 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) | Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) | Volume: 312 litres

Price: $5,230   In-stock: 2

Premier Construction: $6,855

This is a new Rebel Naja that we have in-stock, leftover from our previous inventory.

The Naja was designed for the smaller and lighter paddler in an exquisite hard-shell  composite easy-to-roll/scull/brace design.  It is shorter, narrower, lower at the coming. traditional round cockpit kayak with two hatches, adjustable foot-braces and adjustable keg.  it is clean and fast underway, very responsive to edged turns.  In short, it is an exciting kayak.  Made in Poland by Rebel Kayaks.

Color is dark blue, as shown.

Length:  16'-8"

Width:  18.5"

Price: $3150   In-stock: 1