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Nanuq, the Dancing Bear

To the Inuit, Nanuq was the boss polar bear. To the Shamans, the Dancing Bear was the transition between the human beings on earth and the spirit of these who have gone on or are far away. Our adoption of Nanuq and the Dancing Bear represents our homage to Inuit culture and the Greenland style boats, paddles, and gear they created.

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TARAN by Rockpool

Designed for the intermediate/advance paddler.  A unique design, stepping away from the traditional look of a British sea kayak into a class by itself.  Speed, handling, stability and carrying capacity blended into a unique whole.  Available in 18’ 16’ and in reduced volume.

ALAW BACH by Rockpool

A brother to the ALAW but with a conventional seating position.  Fast, stable, comfortable in all seas with responsive handling.  Snug fit for optimal handling.  Unique elements including adjustable seat and foot plate.


The Greenland T is a classic slightly large volume version of the Ilaga, able to carry both the larger passenger and more gear whilst offering the characteristics of the classic Inuit kayak. The “T” comes with a standard form of keyhole cockpit.