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Previously Loved Kayaks

  1. The used boats we take in are carefully inspected and cleaned. Deck lines are replaced, boats are polished and in excellent shape. We do not take in “slugs” but boats similar in performance to the new boats we sell.
  2. Some boats are also taken on consignment.  Contact Harley for more information if you have a boat you want to sell. 
  3. We do not take boats in trade, nor do we take boats in to reduce the price of a new boat. However, often, people who are buying “up” work a deal for us to sell their older boats. We do this NOT because we make any real money. We don’t. We do it because it is a way for us to pay it forward, putting people, especially younger people, into performance boats that otherwise they could not afford. More butts in boats increase the entire industry and spread enjoyment throughout.

We have a constantly rotating selection of used kayaks in excellent condition. Check back often!

If you have a boat, you would like to sell on consignment. Please contact us at (207) 805-6884.

The SEDA GLIDER: $1200, Kevlar

All yellow, black trim. Rudder. All original. Clean. 19’ of speed and heaven. The Seda Glider is unique. The Glider shown is in kevlar making it super light (43lbs) In standard layup it goes about $5500 in Kevlar. The boat is very good condition. A narrow beam and razor bow are matched to a flush deck with deck scallops allowing maxim stroke efficiency. The design quickly accelerates to speed and planes rapidly without stern squat. Flush fittings and hatches keep wind and spray at bay. Ideal for extended touring adventures or racing, the Glider delivers safety through speed.

The Necky Tesla $800, Kevlar

Light, reasonable fast and stable this kayak is probably one of the most recognized as the virtually perfect boat for the beginner to intermediate or when you have guests over who want to paddle a bit. We’ve worked on it. Its clean, neat but does have mileage. Use leads to cosmetic blems but nothing really terrible. Good boat for the backyard down to the water.

The Rebel Greenland T $3200

is a fast ocean paddler carrying the Inuit Greenland type kayak to a slightly larger boat with 4 hatches. It is full carbon Kevlar with two seats, one OEM and one using a modified backband. Both come with the boat along with a cockpit cover. This boat is an absolute score as it has only been in the water perhaps a dozen times. It is virtually new with no blems, scratches etc. Set up for travel but also great for rolling, playing in surf. Skeg comes but is rarely needed. Wonderful boat that would ordinarily sell new for close to $5500.

The Rebel Greenland Toc, $3500

This is the Greenland T but with a smaller ocean cockpit for a tighter fit. I comes without seat or backband as we add foam to create the fit. Foam out is at no charge but results in a boat that will do it all, except if you want to go out for months at a time. With hard chines, slight v bottom, low volume this boat smokes in the water. Like new. Used as a demo for photography purposes, otherwise not in the water for two years.

Handmade Rolling Boat, $1000

Rolling kayak built by Dennis & Joy McNeil, amongst the best kayak builders in the field. Plywood hull, strip deck, about 17+ long; perhaps 19.5-20” wide. Built in 2009 (there’s a US penny imbedded in the boat by the builders (pretty clever.)) This boat was built to roll. A great Greenland skills learning boat. No skeg, so does jump a bit in cross wind but as with most low volume SOF type boats it is well controlled with paddle skills. Made for slightly smaller paddlers. Seat pads and leg pads are in the boat. In absolutely excellent condition. Asking $1000.